It is very mean to mock a dead person, but I find it hard to show sympathy; if it is any consolation, I also make fun of others still alive 

Elvis Priestley, Mohamod Ali, etc, they made lots of money as individuals, and attracted teams of hangers on who try to take advantage of them, telling them what they want to hear and getting them whatever they want; it might initially be very nice, but unless you have realy good self control (and because of it, can recognize the motive of the people who want to encourage your to excess), it would end badly. Those who made money as part of complex organizations, e.g., Steve Jobs, are not as vulnerable, but they can take occasional wrong terms, as Jobs did during the Skully episode, which nearly destroyed Apple and Jobs.


Michael Jackson, the Great Chef  
Michael Jackson was the greatest chef America has ever produced. Not only was he responsible for inventing numerous exciting dishes, he was also the first to successfully exploit the media of laser discs and video tapes to propagate his recipes. His discs and tapes were best sellers all around the world, including such remote places as Armenia, Botswana and China.  
In one of his video clips, Michael explains the techniques of cake making.  
First you must get some eggs, and "Beat it; Beat it."  
Then you must put the cake into the oven, and "Heat it; Heat it."  
Then you must take the cake out, and "Eat it; Eat it."  
The messages are direct and easily understood. They touched the hearts of his fans all around the world, not to mention stomaches.  
Michael puts all his energy and commitment into his work, and even risked his life regularly - the kitchen being such a dangerous place, where fire mixes with water, and water with oil; where lamb's meat is placed next to lion's meat, and in some Chinese kitchens there are even snakes! Once, Michael was taping a famous recipe sponsored by Pepsi Cola, and his hair caught fire. Coming out of the hospital, he was asked by reporters whether he would go through the same experience again, and he answered without hesitation: "Of course! In the words of the famous old Chef, Harry Truman, 'If you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.'"  
It is no wonder that Michael Jackson sets an example of professional dedication and personal mission to young people everywhere. Sooner or later, everyone learns to go into the kitchen and risk his life to cook a meal, inspired by the great example of Michael Jackson. The world owes him a debt.

Spice Girls  
Spice Girls is a band of five girls who wear scanty clothes and prance around while they sing. They are very popular, because people like to see scantily dressed girls prance around. Why? It has something to do with Eastern religion. Everyone gets reincarnated, and you either were a scantily dressed young girl in a previous incarnation, or are going to be in a future incarnation, or want to be one in the present incarnation. Modern psychology says the same thing. According to Freud, inside every middle aged, overweight man or woman there is a scantily dressed youth struggling to get out. One of the rare situations where science and religion agree.  
There is a sixth spice girl who prances around with a violin instead of singing. She produced CDs like Red Hot, Storm, Violin Player, China Girl,... though in the Storm CD picture she looks more like an Indonesian. She has an English surname Nicholson, but was born under a Thai name, but now she uses neither of these surnames, but simply calls herself Vanessa Mae.  
The other Spice Girls also have short names. All this is the fault of the education system, which forces teenagers to learn things with long names, like Shakespare, I mean Sheik Speer, oops, Shock Sphere... Shiok Smear... eh well like.. you know what I mean... This puts them off long names for life. In any case, the Spice Girls show that you can make a good living without learning long words. You even get to marry exciting, macho soccer players. Only those people who want to be professors need long words, but professors are not young, they dont wear scanty clothes, they dont prance around, and they dont marry soccer players. They are not good role models for teenagers, the way Spice Girls are.  
That is the problem with the modern world, the shortage of good role models. We used to have Diana, who campaigned against landmines by taking a walk in Bosnia and having some pictures taken, and quickly went yachting with Dodi Al Fayed for some more picture taking; now that is the kind of things people want to do. Running a government and leading countries out of recession - well it sounds terribly boring; that's why people dont usually want Tony Blair or Goh Chok Tong to be their role models. It is much nicer to think of Bonnie Hicks.  
I am sorry to say that Bonnie and Di are both dead. But the Spice Girls are alive. Long live the Spice Girls.  
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"History repeats, first time as tragedy, second time as farce" - Marx
历史重复,一次悲剧,一次闹剧 - 马克思
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