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As a matter of fact, I met him a few times when he was starting his new school, soon after he resigned from Informatics;, I was at the time an (unpaid) advisor to another organization thinking of starting such a venture, but eventually did not. Because of the brief association, I once even received an email from a prospective student asking about Brookes University in UK, to which I gave a vague reply that there are some organizations without campuses and staff that give degrees, and their value is up to the market to determine.



The best established external degree programme here is the Open University Degree Programme, started in 1992, initially with three degrees: English, Mathematics and Computer Science. I was the first Academic Advisor for CS,finishing in 2000 when the role was taken over by an SOC colleague.


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Favorite quotes:
"History repeats, first time as tragedy, second time as farce" - Marx
历史重复,一次悲剧,一次闹剧 - 马克思
"Those who forget their history are condemned to repeat it" - Santayana 忘记历史注定重复历史 - 山塔亚那
"Those who remember their history are also condemned to repeat it" - Yuen 记得历史也注定重复历史 - 阮宗光
"Oscar Wilde was wrong about cynics knowing price not value; cynics know value is always less than price" - Yuen

                                                                          王尔德说错了;愤世的人不是知价不知值,而是知道价高值低 - 阮宗光